Emma Realistic Toys - Dog Flying Ring Toy

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Ready! Get Set! CATCH- with the Dog Flying Ring Toy!

Dogs are crazy about walking, running, and, of course, playing fetch!

As a dog owner, you should know that playing with your dog is not only fun but also improves their physical and intellectual health. This is why interactive toys are a great way to provide the stimulation that you and your dog needs.

From its interactive design to its quality as a toy product, the Dog Flying Ring Toy has it all!

It will be your pet's most favorite toy with its Gnawsome feature and the disc-like shape!

It is perfect for indoor and outdoor playing. You can play catch with your furry companion in a park or at your backyard or you can simply let your dog bite on this chew Ring Toy so your dog can play anywhere, everywhere!

Increases your pet's mental and cognitive intellect.

Playing with the Dog Flying Ring Toy stimulates your dog's IQ. With their physical health and motor skills put to the test, expect your dog to grow smarter and stronger!

Perfectly safe and Durable Toy.

We all want what's best for our pets and what more can you give them other than high-quality pet toys that they can love and play with for a long time. That is right! The Dog Flying Ring Toy is made with Strong EVA that is sturdy and flexible at the same time!

Your dog will surely bite more than they can chew!

Adore your dog with only the best toys there is and get the Dog Flying Ring Toy!


  • Toys Type: Automatic Ball Launcher
  • Product weight: about 60g small
  • Product size: small diameter about 18cm

Package Includes:

1* Dog Flying Ring Toy

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