Emma Realistic Toys - Squeaky Dog Toy

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The Best Toy a Pet Can Get!

Did you know that dogs are a natural-born squeaker seeker? To dogs, Squeaky toys never get old! They always go wild when they hear that high-pitched squeaking sound whenever the toy is pinched or squeezed.

Give your dog the most amazing playtime that they can ask for with our Goose Squeaky Dog Toy! Have your dog go bonkers over the squeaky toy sound. 

Designed like a goose stuff toy, this squeaky is a great option for dogs who love to bite on their toy. The Goose Squeaky Dog Toy is easy to play with!

Bite Resistance.

Made with Tough fabric so your dog can enjoy its new playmate without having to worry about breaking or damaging it. It is also reinforced with a strong stitch finish so the toy won't tear even if your pet dog gets super excited and run wild.


Trigger Hyperactivity.

For dogs, squeaky toys are one of their favorite. The squeaky sound is pleasantly stimulating and dogs will go to great lengths to pursue that alluring sound. Be prepared for a fun-filled playtime with the Squeaky Dog Toy.


The Squeaky Dog Toy is designed to resemble a goose. It's cute, adorable, and squeaky all in one toy! Don't get jealous when your dog spends more time with this adorably squeaky toy.

Despite its somewhat delicate look, the Squeaky Dog Toy is actually an indestructible squeaky dog toy. Grab yours now!


  • Toys Type: Squeak Toys
  • Material: Fabric
  • Item Size: 32X23cm/12.5X9.0inch

Package Includes:

1* Squeaky Dog Toy

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